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What trigger clamp sizes are available?

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Wonkee Donkee's guide to trigger clamp sizes Trigger clamps are available in many different sizes. Larger trigger clamps are ideal for big or heavy workpieces, whereas the smaller types are commonly used for more delicate or awkward tasks.
Trigger clamp sizes The size of a trigger clamp can be measured by its jaw opening capacity and throat depth, similarly to most clamps. However, a trigger clamp can also be measured by its spreading capacity if its jaws can be reversed and turned into spreaders.

Jaw opening

The jaw opening is how wide the jaws can open The jaw opening of a trigger clamp the maximum distance between the fixed jaw and the moveable jaw. This informs the user how wide the jaws can open when clamping a workpiece.

The jaw opening usually depends on the length of the bar – the longer the bar the wider the jaw opening.

Jaw opening of a trigger clamp The smallest jaw opening available is 100mm (4″ approx.).

The largest is 1250mm (50″ approx.).

Throat depth

Trigger clamp throat depth The throat depth refers to how deep the jaws are, and can be measured by the distance from their top edge down to the bar. The depth does not vary much between trigger clamps.
Trigger clamp throat depth The throat depth can range from 70mm (3″ approx.) up to 95mm (3.5″ approx.).

Jaw spreading

Trigger clamp spreading capacity When the jaws are reversed, the spreading capacity indicates how far apart the jaws can push.
Jaw spreading of a trigger clamp The smallest available spreading capacity is 360mm (14″ approx.) and the largest, 1520mm (60″ approx.).