What band clamp sizes are available?

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 Band clamp sizes 

A band clamp can vary in size, in terms of its strap length. The length of the strap will determine what size of workpiece the clamp can hold.


A band clamp is generally available in the following sizes: 


Strap length 

 The length of the band clamp's strap 

The strap length is how long the entire strap is when unwrapped, from one end to the other.


The length can range on different models from 2.5m (8 ft. approx.) up to 7m (23 ft. approx.). 



 Band clamp strap clamping range 

The strap diameter indicates the maximum opening of the strap when the clamp is in use. This is the distance from one side of the strap to the other when it is arranged in a circle.


This can range massively between models, with some having a maximum diameter of 700mm (28" approx.), while others can clamp up to 2m (6.5 ft. approx.).

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