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What are butt welding clamps?

What are butt welding clamps?

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Butt welding clamps can be used to hold sheet metal Butt welding clamps are sheet metal holders which can be used alongside locking clamps, when attempting to hold large pieces of sheet metal together. They are useful for tasks which involve welding, such as metal repairs and alterations.
Butt welding clamps are designed to hold sheet metal They are an essential accessory when it comes to aligning two pieces of sheet metal edge-to-edge or surface-to-surface. Although there will still be a narrow gap in between the two pieces, they will be close enough to be welded together.

They hold the sheet metal at the best position for making clean welds, and are ideal to use for assembling and fabrication projects.

Butt welding clamp To use the clamps the user will need to loosen the wing nut to allow space for the sheet metal to slide in between the block and the toggle bar. Once in position, the wing nut can be tightened to secure the sheet metal in place. As butt welding clamps are so small, a number of them will need to be used along the length of the sheet metal.
Butt welding clamp holding sheet metal A locking clamp can then be used to hold the sheet metal static on a work surface, such as a bench top, for welding.

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