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How to use an angle clamp?

How to use an angle clamp?

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How to use an angle clamp Using an angle clamp is simple as long as you know how. Below are a few quick and easy steps explaining how to use your angle clamp correctly.
Turn the handle to the left to open the jaws

Step 1 – Open jaws

Open the jaws of the clamp by turning the handle to the left. If you are using a double screw clamp, both handles will need to be rotated, until the jaws are open to the desired widths. If your workpieces are of the same thickness, the jaws should be open to equal widths.

Double screw angle clamp However, if your two workpieces are of different thickness, you should adjust the jaws accordingly. On a double screw angle clamp, simply turn each handle until the connecting jaw is open wide enough to fit each of the workpieces.
Tilt the front and back jaw to adjust With a single screw angle clamp, the jaws can be adjusted to different angles by pivoting the front jaw and the back jaw. This will allow pieces of various thickness to be clamped at a 90 degree angle to one another. Note: If you are gluing the parts together, you need to apply the glue before clamping. Otherwise, you can nail or screw the parts together after clamping.
The two pieces should be placed at a 90 degree angle

Step 2 – Insert workpiece

Insert the workpieces, placing one in each jaw so that they meet at a 90 degree angle. Whether you are creating a mitre joint, a butt joint or a T-joint, the two workpieces should meet at the centre point of the clamp.

Turn the handle to the right to close the jaws

Step 3 – Close jaws

Tighten the jaws around the workpieces by turning the handle to the right.

The workpiece is now clamped Your two pieces are now secure for the glue to set, or for your joint to be nailed together.

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