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How to use a toggle clamp?

How to use a toggle clamp?

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Attaching the clamp

Attaching a toggle clamp to a bench top Before using a toggle clamp you will need to securely attach it to a work bench. To do this you will need a pencil, a drill and four nuts and bolts.
Mark where the bolt holes will go

Step 1 – Mark holes

Using a pencil, mark out the position on the work surface where you intend to attach the clamp. Use the bolt holes on the base of the toggle clamp for a guide. You should mark out four guide holes, two for each side of the clamp.

Drill the holes

Step 2 – Drill holes

Once you have your holes marked, use the drill to make the holes in the work bench. Make sure the holes are the correct size to fit the bolts.

Insert bolts and fasten with nuts

Step 3 – Attach clamp

Next, place the toggle clamp in position, with its bolt holes in alignment with the holes on the work surface. Once in position, insert the four bolts, one into each hole. To secure the bolts, place nuts on the ends and tighten until the clamp is securely fixed.

Using the clamp

Using the toggle clamp Once the clamp is fastened to the bench top, it can be used for holding objects still during work applications.
Place workpiece in between plate and surface

Step 4 – Position workpiece

Make sure the lever of the clamp is pulled up, so that there is space between the tool’s clamping plate and the work surface. Within this space, place the workpiece so that it is directly opposite the clamping plate.

Push the lever down

Step 5 – Push lever

Push the lever downwards to engage the clamping plate with the workpiece and clamp it in place. Once the lever is pushed downwards, the clamp will lock, meaning the workpiece will not be released until the lever is pulled up.

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The workpiece is now secure, meaning the desired application can be completed.

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