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Are there any alternatives to clamps?

Are there any alternatives to clamps?

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Alternative tools to clamps Here are some alternative tools which may be used in place of a clamp.


A vice is an alternative to a clamp A vice is a mechanical apparatus used to clamp an object securely so that work can be carried out on it – similarly to a clamp.

There are different types of vice, including metalworking, woodworking, hand-held and machine vices.

A vice is a heavy-duty tool The difference between a vice and a clamp is that a vice is often considered to be a heavier-duty tool. A number of clamps may be needed to hold a workpiece firmly; however, one large vice can offer the same amount of grip on its own.
Vices are often bolted down to a workbench On the other hand, a clamp is much more versatile because a vice is usually permanently bolted to a work surface, whereas a clamp is portable and can be positioned wherever the user wishes to place it.

Locking pliers

Locking pliers are an alternative tool to clamps Locking pliers can also be known as mole grips or vice grips, and are a type of pliers designed for holding on to an object whilst work applications are completed, leaving both hands free.
Clamps have a wider jaw opening than locking pliers Although similar to clamps (especially locking clamps) they may not be as versatile because they are generally smaller in size and, therefore, may not be able to withstand as much pressure. They also have a much smaller jaw opening than clamps, meaning they will not be able to grip on to wider workpieces.
Locking pliers may not be as strong as clamps Locking pliers are useful for loosening and tightening stiff objects, such as bolts and some types of screw.

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