What are the parts of a hand screw clamp?

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 Parts of a hand screw clamp    
 Parts of a hand screw clamp The design of a hand screw clamp means it only has three basic parts; two jaws, two handles, and two screws.   


 A hand screw clamp has two wooden jaws 

The jaws are the parts which hold on to a workpiece to keep it in place.


A hand screw clamp has two jaws, which are made out of wood.  

 A hand screw clamp has jaws which can be angled The screws run through both jaws, connecting the two together. By adjusting these screws, the jaws can be angled or offset to accommodate for tapered workpieces. 


 A hand screw clamp haw two screws A hand screw clamp has two screws which control the movement of the jaws when rotated.   


 A hand screw clamp has two handles for the user to grip 

The clamp also has two handles, one connected to each screw. 


The handles are usually made out of wood and are shaped to provide the user with a firm and comfortable grip during use. 

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