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What is a spring clamp?

What is a spring clamp?

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A spring clamp is a small but powerful tool A spring clamp, also be known as a pinch clamp or a hand clamp, works in a similar way to a clip. A simple model will have two jaws, two handles and a spring pivot which connects the parts together at the middle.
Spring clamps are often used for woodworking and carpentry It is a small type of clamp, yet surprisingly strong and can generate a large amount of clamping force for holding objects.

A spring clamp is commonly used in woodworking and carpentry for holding awkward or delicate objects that may be too fiddly for larger clamps.

A spring clamp is often used to hold objects while glue sets It is ideal for use around the home for a number of domestic tasks. The main one is gluing, where the clamp can hold the workpiece still while the adhesive sets.

It is also useful for painting tasks, as it keeps the object secure to help avoid any messy mistakes.

The clamp's jaws are commonly made from rubber The jaws of a spring clamp usually have either soft plastic or rubber pads to protect the material being clamped from damage, while maintaining a firm grip on the workpiece.
A spring clamp may have jaws which can adjust to open further apart Some spring clamps are also designed with adjustable jaws, which can be moved along a bar and set in the most convenient position. This allows the jaws to be opened further apart when clamping larger workpieces.
Some jaws are not made parallel On some models, the jaws do not close parallel: instead the clamp uses a pinching method to hold the workpiece in its clasp. This type of spring clamp is best used on thinner objects, as thicker ones may escape from the jaws.

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