What are the parts of a G-clamp?

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What are the parts of a screw clamp?     
 What are the parts of a screw clamp? A G-clamp's principal parts consist of a frame, a number of jaws, a threaded screw and a handle.  


 Frame is the main part of a G clamp The frame of a G-clamp can also be known as the body. This is the main part of the clamp, and its purpose is to endure the pressure that will be placed upon a workpiece during applications, such as chiselling and sawing.  


 A screw clamp usually has two or three jaws 

The jaws are the part which grip on to a workpiece in order to hold it in place. 

 A clamp usually has one fixed jaw and one moveable jaw 

One jaw is fixed, while the other has a metal clamping plate which is attached to the screw and is moveable. This jaw can be adjusted to clamp workpieces of various sizes.

    Donkee says 'The flat surface at the end of the moveable jaw can be referred to as a swivel shoe' 


 A clamp has a threaded screw 

A G-clamp has a threaded screw which controls the movement of the adjustable jaw. A thread 'form' is the shape of the helical ridge around a screw, which usually takes an ACME form on a G-clamp. ACME is one of the most popular thread forms, as the wider base of the thread makes it stronger than other types.

 A G clamp usually has an Acme thread form This thread form also gives the clamp a more secure grip.  


 A clamp can have a sliding pin handle 

The handle is connected to the screw and is used to adjust the jaws. When the handle is rotated clockwise the screw is tightened and the jaws will be closed. When the handle is rotated anti-clockwise, the jaws will open.


A G-clamp has a sliding pin handle, which makes it easier to gain extra leverage when tightening the jaws. It is made out of metal and is connected to the screw by a collar. 

 A metal handle can often be referred to as a tommy bar This type of handle is often referred to as a tommy bar, due to slang that has derived from the First World War when British soldiers were referred to as "Tommies" and a tommy bar was the name given to a spanner used to assemble and disassemble grenade bombs.  
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