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What is a clamp’s capacity?

What is a clamp’s capacity?

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Clamp capacity It is important to consider a clamp’s capacity before using it, because this provides the user with an idea as to what size of workpiece can be held within the jaws.

The capacity can be determined by considering two of the clamps features: jaw opening and throat depth.

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Jaw opening

The jaw opening of a clamp is how wide the jaws can open The jaw opening of a clamp is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.
A clamp can grip an object as far as its opening will allow The opening indicates the maximum capacity of the jaws, meaning that the tool will not be able to clamp an object wider than this.

Throat depth

The throat depth of a clamp is the distance between the body and the jaws The throat depth is how deep the jaws of a clamp are, and is measured by the distance from the top edge of the jaws to the side of the frame.
The throat depth states how far a workpiece can fit into the jaws This indicates how far into the throat of a clamp a workpiece can fit.

Check the specifications

Check clamp specifications before buying To find out a clamp’s capacity, check the product specifications stated by the manufacturer, as information about the the jaw opening and throat depth is often declared here.

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