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What is an angle clamp?

What is an angle clamp?

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An angle clamp can hold objects at a 90 degree angle As the name suggests, angle clamps are designed for clamping objects at a specific angle. As the tool is often used for clamping corners or creating mitre joints, it can also be referred to as a corner clamp or mitre clamp.
An angle clamp is ideal for making joints The device allows two items to be held at a 90-degree angle, in order to be attached together. With many types, the items can be of different widths or diameters and the clamp will still hold the two at a perfect 90 degree angle.

In terms of a single screw and welding angle clamps, this is due to the function of the jaws, which can pivot to accommodate materials of different thicknesses, while keeping them square to one another.

A double screw angle clamp has two jaws which can be adjusted independently A double screw angle clamp works in a slightly different way, as the two jaws can be opened and closed independently, to accommodate different thicknesses.
An angle clamp is ideal for woodworking and metalworking An angle clamp is ideal for assembling projects and creating joints, especially in woodworking. It can be used to help create a variety of joints, such as mitre joints, butt joints and T-joints. The most common projects that the clamp is used for include making wooden picture frames, book cases and shelves.
Some angle clamps are ideal for welding An angle clamp can also be used in metalworking applications, particularly welding.
Different types of angle clamp available Angle clamps are available in various shapes and designs. For more information, see What are the different types of angle clamp?
Some angle clamps can be fixed to a work bench The clamp can be used free-hand or (on some models) can be attached to a workbench by fixing clamps, for greater security during tasks. The fixing clamps hold the angle clamp to the edge of a worktop, preventing any movement during applications. This leaves the user with both hands free for working.
Some angle clamps can be used in a drill press machine Some angle clamps can be attached to a drill press bed, for clamping objects when drilling holes.

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