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What are the parts of a band clamp?

What are the parts of a band clamp?

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     Band clamp parts
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Parts of a band clamp A band clamp’s main parts consist of a strap, a handle, a number of corner grips, and two pressure levers.


The strap goes around the edge of a workpiece A band clamp has a strong nylon strap, which wraps around the edges of a workpiece to hold it in place. The strap does not stretch, meaning there is no risk of the workpiece coming loose in its grip.
Band clamp extendable strap The strap is unwrapped until it is the desired length to fit around the object.

When the clamp is not in use, the strap can be wrapped up again, to keep the tool neat and tidy.


The handle tightens the strap The handle is usually ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the user’s hand. It can be made from wood or plastic, depending on the model.

The clamp handle is connected to the strap and controls its movement. Once the strap is positioned around a workpiece, the handle can be rotated to tighten the strap from both sides, until it has a secure grip.

Corner grips

The corner grips hold on to the corners of a workpiece A band clamp has four corner grips which can be attached to the strap when needed. The purpose of these grips is to hold on to the corners of a square workpiece, to ensure the object is held firmly in place. Without the corner grips there is a risk of the workpiece’s shape being distorted when the strap is tightened.

The jaws of the grips can tilt to different angles, to accommodate workpieces of various shapes.

Corner grips are ideal for square workpieces Replacement grips are available should one or more be lost.

Additional grips can also be placed on the strap if the workpiece has more than four corners for clamping.

Pressure levers

Band clamp pressure levers on either side A band clamp generally has two pressure levers, one on either side of the strap. As the name suggests, the levers exert pressure on to the strap as it is tightened, so that it cannot come lose during clamping, Only when the levers are pressed by the user will the pressure be released and the strap will become slack again.

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