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What are the parts of a toggle clamp?

What are the parts of a toggle clamp?

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     Toggle clamp parts
Parts of a toggle clamp A toggle clamp’s main parts consist of a clamping plate (which in use is held in place by a screw), a lever, a pivot point, and a pressure adjuster.

Clamping plate

Toggle clamp clamping plate A toggle clamp has a single clamping plate which works in conjunction with a work surface to hold a workpiece in place. During clamping, the plate pushes against the workpiece to hold it still.

The plate can swivel and tilt, a feature which can come in handy when clamping tapered objects.

The surface of the clamping plate is fitted with a protective pad The plate is made from metal but is usually fitted with a rubber or plastic pad to protect the workpiece from indentations.


The screw connects the clamping plate to the main body The clamping plate is connected to a screw, which keeps it attached to the main body of the clamp. The screw can be moved and repositioned along the bar which it is connected to, so that it can be placed at the optimum position during clamping.

The screw can also be adjusted vertically, in order to change the amount of clamping pressure which the plate places on a workpiece.


Lever engages the clamping plate The lever controls the movement of the clamping plate through a pivot point which connects the two parts together.

When the lever is pushed down, it engages the clamping plate by pushing it against the workpiece and locking it in place.

Pivot point

The pivot point has a pin The pivot point is a pin positioned near the centre of the clamp, which works as a connection between the lever and the bar that holds the clamping plate.

Pressure adjuster

Toggle clamp pressure adjuster A toggle clamp has a feature whereby the clamp’s pressure is automatically adjusted. This enables the clamping of different sizes of workpiece without the user having to constantly adjust the pressure themselves. This means the pressure that the clamp places on a workpiece is consistent, whether it is holding a thin piece of paper or a large block of wood. The pressure can also be adjusted manually if the user wishes, by tightening or loosening the screw.

Bolt holes

Toggle clamp bolted to bench top A toggle clamp has a number of bolt holes, where bolts can be placed to fix the clamp to a work top.

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