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What is a G-clamp?

What is a G-clamp?

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A G clamp is shaped like the letter G A G-clamp is one of the most popular types of clamp with DIYers and hobbyists.

It is so named because it is shaped like a capital ‘G’.

Donkee says 'G clamps can also be known as C clamps'
A G clamp has a fixed jaw and a moveable jaw It has two jaws: the upper edge of the ‘G’ acts as one and a threaded screw, which comes through a hole at the bottom of the tool, provides the second jaw for clamping workpieces.
G clamps can be used for woodworking or metalworking It is a general purpose clamp which is perfect for DIY enthusiasts as it can be used for many applications in both woodworking and metalworking.
Jaw pads should be used on a G clamp However, for woodworking applications, jaw pads or a spare piece of material, such as cardboard or leather, should be placed over the jaws to protect the wood from being marred or damaged due to the strength of the clamp.
G clamps are available in a range of sizes G-clamps can come in a range of sizes which are designed for different levels of duty.

For example, a smaller G-clamp should be used for lighter-duty work, such as small repairs, whereas a larger version can be used for heavy-duty work, including sawing and drilling.

G clamps can have different throat depths Models with various throat depths are also available; a deeper throat can provide the clamp with greater reach over a workpiece.

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