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Looking for information about a specific tool? At Wonkee Donkee we have thousands of “how to” guides and articles about a range of tools. Everything from angle grinders to wrenches. Simply go to the knowledgebase, click on the first letter of the tool you’re looking for and pick the tool from the list.

Experts in power and hand tools

Power Tools

We have an abundance of articles, reviews, and guides that explain power tools, how to use them safely and which tools are best for each job. From angle grinder to table saw. 

We have also made our top picks for each power tool, which you can find in our “best of” tool guides that walk you through your options explaining which tools will be the best buy and why.

Hand Tools

If you’re looking for advice on a hand tool, chances are we have you covered. We’ve put together a collection of articles, reviews and guides about hand tools for most types of hand tools.

 If you’re not sure which tool to buy, take a look at our “best of guides” that explain the options you have and which tools are going to the  best fit for your budget and needs. 

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Examples of bespoke stairs

Tool spotlight: calipers

Wonkee Donkee says…

 “A caliper is an instrument used to measure the distance between two symmetrically opposing sides of an object.

Calipers are used to measure objects which cannot easily be measured with a ruler or other measuring instrument.

The are many types of calipers, from vernier calipers to jenny calipers. The most popular are digital calipers.”

Check out just some of the articles we have on calipers:

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