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At Wonkee Donkee, we have put our heads together and created a knowledge base that looks to explain everything you need to know about the most common tools in DIY.

To find the tool or task you’re looking for just click the relevant letter the first word starts with. That will take you to the relevant section of the knowledge base. From there click on the relevant tool which will take you to the questions related to that tool.

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Adzes Allen Keys Auger Bits Axle Stands Ball Hex Keys Bar Magnets Basin Tap Wrenches Batten Lifters Batteries & Chargers Bearing Pullers Bench Hooks Block Planes Blow Lamps Board Carriers Board Lifters Boiler Pump Multitools Bolt Cutters Bolt Grips Bottle Jacks Brad Point Bits Bradawls Brake Caliper Brushes Brazing & Soldering Mats Brick Bolsters Brick Hods Brick Jointers Brick Lines Brick Rakes Brick Tongs Builders Profiles Cabinet Scrapers Cable Pullers Calipers Car & Trolley Jacks Car Creepers Carpenter's Pencils Centre and Edge Finding Sets Chalk Lines Chase Wedges Chimney & Drain Rods Circlip Pliers Clamps Cold Chisels Combination Pliers Combustible Gas Detectors Compression Fitting Spanners Concrete Nippers and Pliers Cordless Drill Drivers Cordless Impact Drivers Cordless Screwdrivers Cove Mitres Crowbars Darbies Deburring Tools Diagonal Cutting Pliers Dial Calipers Digging Bars Digital Calipers Digital Thermometers Disc Magnets Door and Board Carriers Door and Board Lifters Dowels Drain Augers Drain Rods & Chimney Rods Dry Wall Rasps Drywall T Square Drywall Tools Earth Rammers Edging Irons Edging Shears Electronic Calipers Electronic Cutters End Cutting and Carpenter's Pincers Engineer's Scribers Engineer's Squares Engineers Scrapers Engineers Straight Edges Expansive Bits Feather Edges Feeler Gauges Fencing Mauls Fencing Pins File Card Brushes Files Flat Bits Flexible Magnets Floats Floor Scrapers Folding Squares Forks Garden Trowels Gas Detectors Gas Regulators & Hoses Gas Testing Equipment Gasket Scrapers Gauges Gauges - Feeler Gauges - Radius Go NoGo Feeler Gauges Gorilla Bars Grouting & Pointing Guns Gully Grabs Hand Drills & Braces Hand Forks Hand Held Punching m/c Hand Planes Hand Saws Hex Keys Holesaws Household Battery Testers Immersion Heater Spanners Inspection Cameras Inspection Mirrors Jenny Calipers Jigsaws Laminate Floor Cutters Lead Dressing Sticks Lead Knives Lead Ladles Leaf Blowers & Mulching Vacuums Line Blocks Line Pins Loppers Magnetic Bases Magnetic Labels & Pads Magnetic Sweepers Magnets Manhole Keys Manual Coating Sprayers Manual Post Hole Augers Manual Riveters Manual Sanders Marking Out Gauges Mattocks Metal Anchor Expansion Tools Metal Frame Pilers Micrometers Microwave Leak Detectors Mitre Boxes and Blocks Mitre Saw Protractors Mitre Shears Mitre Squares Mixing Boards Mixing Paddles Moisture Meters Mortar Rakes Moulding Bars Mud Pans Multimeters Nail Pullers Nibbler Shears Oil Filter Wrenches Olive Removers Pavers Mauls Pencils & Crayons Pick Axes Pick Up Tools Pin Chucks & Vices Pipe Benders Pipe Bending Springs Pipe Cleaning - Ratchet Handle Pipe Cleaning Brushes Pipe Cutters Pipe Dry Testing Kits Pipe Vices Planes Plasterboard Joint Tape Plasterboard Tools Plasterers Bath Plasterers Hawks Plasterers Scratchers Plasterers Stilts Plastic Tube Cutters Plate Vices Plumb Bobs Plumber's Turnpins Plumbing Irons Plungers Pocket Knives Pointing & Grouting Guns Pop Rivet Guns Post Hole Diggers Post Rammers Pot Magnets Protractor Sets Pry Bars Pullers Punching Machine Pushpins Racing Jacks Radiator Keys Radius Gauges Rakes Random Orbital Sanders Rethreaders Rivet Guns Rivets Rod Sets Roofing Bars Rules Saws Screeding Levels Screw Extractors Screwdriver Bits Screws Scribers Scutching Tools Seaming Pilers Seats On Wheels Sharpening Tools Shovels Slate Guillotine Slate and Punch Cutters Slater's Axes Slater's Ripper Smoke Testers Smoothing Planes Socket Formers Sockets & Socket Sets Soil pH Meters Soldering & Brazing Mats Spade Bits Spanners Spoon Bits Spokeshaves Spring Joint Calipers Spruce Cutters Stopcock Keys Support Props Surform Tools Tack Lifters Tank Connector Tools Tank Cutting Tools Tap Reseater Spares Tap Reseaters Telescopic Gauges Temperature & Humidity Meters Texture Brushes Threaded Inserts Threaded Rod Cutters Tin Snips & Aviation Snips Toolmaker's Clamps Torx Keys Tracing Dyes Trammel Heads Trolley Jacks Try Squares Tube Cutters Tuck Pointers Utility & Control Cabinet Keys Vee Blocks Vernier Calipers Vices Voltage Testers Wall Scrapers Water Leak Alarms Water Pressure Gauges Web Stretchers Weld Clamp Magnets Wheel Wrenches Winches Wood Chisels Wood Turning Tools Woodworking Hand Planes Wrecking Bars

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