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Best Gardener’s Tool Guide

Best Gardener's Tools

Welcome to the Wonkee Donkee Tools guide for the best gardeners tools.

Only want the best gardeners’ tools to go in your shed? Great – Wonkee Donkee Tools can help.

Whether you already consider yourself a keen gardener, or you want to become one, you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. After all, they’re going to help you inject some much-needed TLC into your backyard!

Unsure which gardeners’ tools make the most sense to invest in? The good news is, as a leading builders merchant, Wonkee Donkee Tools know all the tricks of the trade and can advise you on the must-have hand tools for gardening.

We stock only the highest quality hand tools for gardening – be it garden rakes, spades, hedge shears and more – and make sure that all our products are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard. As well as this, we keep our prices competitive to ensure maximum value for money.

Here we look at some of the most common tools used for gardening – allowing you to get the most out of your outside area when you are getting your fingers green.


A bowsaw is a ragged-toothed saw used for pruning and shaping trees or other woody plants. The bow saw’s teeth make it ideal for quick cutting jobs that do not require a neat finish and its lightweight frame gives it great maneuverability making it the ideal outdoor garden saw. Cuts branches and limbs up to 15cm (6 inches) with ease.

Hand Axe

The hand axe was invented in the Stone Age and has been in use ever since, so if you haven’t got one yet you need to add one to your collection. They are great at lopping, chopping and cutting through branches and thicker woody stems. They can also be used to chop firewood for the winter months. The handles are typically 33cm (13 inches) in length.

Felling Axe

The felling axe is the hand axe’s big sister and is used to fell trees, shape, split and cut wood. Its head and blade has a shallow wedge angle making ideal for cutting and felling jobs. The handles are typically 82cm (32 inches) in length.

Sledge Hammer

This heavy-duty sledge hammer is the ideal tool for knocking in fence posts, it is also adept at demolishing old garden sheds. Because of its long handle the amount of force generated in a swing is far greater than that of the shorter handled lump hammer.

Digging Fork

A digging fork is ideal for turning earth and unbroken soil. It can be used to mix in enhancements and lift bulbs and perennials for transplanting. It is also very good at breaking up clods of soil.

Digging Spade

As the name suggests, this type of spade is designed for digging. It has a sharp, thin blade and is ideal for cutting down into earth. 

Rabbiting Spade

The rabbiting spade is designed specifically for digging post holes and deep narrow trenches. Its thin blade makes digging in hard ground much easier. 

Leaf/Lawn Rake

Keep your lawn free from leaves with this long handled lawn rake. Used for raking leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and other garden debris.

Garden Rake

Different rakes perform different jobs. The garden rake’s wider teeth make it the ideal tool for blending soils, turning earth or just smoothing out your flower beds.

Pruning Secateurs

No gardener should be without these pocket-sized snippers. Secateurs are perfect for pruning woody stems and deadheading those fading flowers. They are easy to use and a good quality pair will make light work of stubborn shrubs. Purchase a brightly coloured pair so that you can easily find them amongst the bushes.

Hand Fork

A hand fork is another absolutely essential tool that every gardener should have in their collection. Its prongs are ideal for jobs such as planting, weeding, digging and potting. Stainless steel or carbon fibre prongs will provide you with years of service as they are tough, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.


Loppers are essentially long-handled power secateurs and are used for slicing through thicker stems and branches. They have great leverage which makes them super strong cutters. Loppers are generally used for cutting branches and twigs of up to 5cm (2 inches) in diameter.

Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is a small hand-held ragged toothed saw that is used for pruning. Perfect for those jobs that your bow saw is too big to manage.

Long Handled Edging Shears

These long-handled shears will save your back some aching. They are used for trimming the verges and neatening the edges of your lawn. Essential if you want to impress the neighbours at your next garden party.

Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are a standard piece of equipment for any gardener. You can shape your bushes and hedges into ballerinas and dinosaurs with these. Alternatively, you can just trim back those stray twigs.

Garden Hose

Every lawn and flower bed needs a little sprinkle of water from time to time but relying on the weather to do it for you can be a real washout; use a garden hose instead.  

Gardening Trowel

The old humble garden trowel is worthy of being the gardener’s right hand. A multi-purpose tool that can be used for planting, weeding, digging and even scattering small amounts of seed. Purchasing a good quality stainless steel trowel will give you years of gardening pleasure.

Potting Trowel

Smaller than the garden trowel and typically with a thinner, more curved blade, the potting trowel is great at digging small holes in plant pots or window boxes. Their curved blade reduces soil spillage and allows you to transport plants from pot to pot with ease.

Lawn Edger

This tool is designed to cut a small amount of turf from the edges of your lawn and used to create a distinct separation between your lawn and garden paths or walkways. If used often the lawn edger can impart a neat and sculpted appearance to any lawn. Keeping your garden manicured has never been easier. 

Kneeling Board

Any gardener will tell you that a kneeling board(or kneeling pad) is one of the most important tools you can own. If you intend on spending many hours working amongst the hydrangeas, it will save your knees from sharp stones and rough ground. A must-have tool! 


A strimmer cuts through grass and weeds by rotating a plastic wire at high speeds. The advantage of this power tool is that it allows you to trim around the bases of trees and plants, where your lawn mower just can’t reach.


A sprinkler is a simple device that is attached to the end of your garden hose and spreads the flow into a dazzling fountain. Will keep the family dog entertained for hours.

Lawn Mower

A motorised cutting blade which neatly clips overgrown grass. Investing in a lawn mower will allow you to keep your lawn trimmed all year round. 

Leaf Blower

Use a leaf blower to move all your unwanted leaves and garden debris to your compost heap quickly and efficiently. Read our Best Leaf Blower Review to find out what are the leading devices available on the market.

Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a great power tool that can trim, shape and cut your hedges into precise dimensions. Have that garden hedge-maze you’ve always wanted.


A bucket is a thoroughly useful tool that has a wide variety of applications. You can use it to lift, carry, mix, pour, fill and roughly measure garden materials. 

Gardening Gloves

Protect those pinkies from wear and tear with a pair of durable all-weather gardening gloves. A good quality pair will allow you to dig through soil, pick up thorny off-cuts and use all of your new gardening tools without getting blisters. Well worth every penny.


A hoe is a long-handled tool with a sharp bladed end that can be used for turning earth, weeding, moving small amounts of soil and creating furrows or trenches for planting seeds and bulbs. They can also be used to unearth potatoes and chop weeds.

Hard Broom

Hard brooms are ideal for outdoor use. Their stiff bristles are more robust than soft brooms and will allow you to brush away all different types of dirt and garden debris. They will keep your patio, driveway and shed clean, tidy and free from mud. 

Bulb Planter

A bulb planter easily removes a slug of earth or turf so that you can plant a seed or bulb in the resulting hollow. Create a more natural look by planting flowers into the unused corners of your lawn or keep it traditional with a healthy flower bed; either way this tool makes the job easier.

There’s no denying that sprucing the garden can be hard work, but there are many tools used for gardening that can make it a whole lot easier for you.

If you have any questions about the tools listed above, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Simply call 01938 55 77 33 for expert advice over the phone, or send an email to info@wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk, and we’ll do everything we can to get back to you within 24-hours.

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