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Best Leaf Blowers 2022

Best Leaf Blower Review

 As the seasons begin to change and the leaves on the trees begin to change colour you may be starting to consider how you will keep your garden, yard or outdoor space clean over the next couple of months. It can be a laborious task keeping on top of the falling leaves and other debris that ends up on your property, with manually sweeping consuming both a lot of energy and time. You may be considering investing in a leaf blower to help with these tasks and if you make the right choice we are sure that you won’t regret it.

At Wonkee Donkee we try and test all of the power tools that we review in order to give you a true user experience of what they do best and if they lack in any areas. We do this in order to help you make the right decision when you buy power tools so that you get everything you need for the best price. Our goal is to provide you with all the information on a range of different types and models of power tools to cover all the bases. This means a lot of testing but that is fine with us because we love it!

In this best leaf blower review, we have looked at all different types of leaf blowers including heavy-duty leaf blowers, battery leaf blowers, bag pack leaf blowers and more. Now that all the hard work is done, all you need to do is read this best leaf blower review so that you get the perfect leaf blower for you!

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum

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The Toro 516109 leaf blower, outdoor vacuum and leaf mulcher is a great 3-in-1 power tool that can take care of all your outside cleaning tasks. The design of this model is small and compact but still extremely powerful with the ability to blast speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. This power is exceptional for a battery-powered leaf blower that is light to carry. The advantage of Toro using the option of battery power also makes the leaf blower both energy efficient and easily manoeuvrable.

Our Verdict

At Wonkee Donkee we have struggled to put into words how good the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum is. The clever inclusion of the 3-in-1 solution takes away the hassle of picking up and mulching the leaves once you have gathered them, which saves both time and effort. The power this leaf blower generates for a battery model is exceptional and is easily one of the most if not the most powerful models available (even when compared with gas-powered leaf blowers). If you want the best battery powered leaf blower then stop looking now as you will not find anything better than this.

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Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower

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The Toro 516109 leaf blower, outdoor vacuum and leaf mulcher is a great 3-in-1 power tool that can take care of all your outside cleaning tasks. The design of this model is small and compact but still extremely powerful with the ability to blast speeds of up to 125 miles per hour. This power is exceptional for a battery-powered leaf blower that is light to carry. The advantage of Toro using the option of battery power also makes the leaf blower both energy efficient and easily manoeuvrable.

Our Verdict

The Echo PB-580T backpack leaf blower made an instant impact on us at Wonkee Donkee. The elegant looking design along with how comfortable the power tool was to carry and how easy it was to use won us over pretty quickly. As we previously mentioned we would put this power tool in the premium leaf blower category. If you are a professional that needs a high-quality power tool then you really can’t go wrong with the Echo PB-580T. However, we are not blind to the fact that it does come with a reasonably large price tag so it may not be for everyone.

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Greenworks 24012 Electric Blower

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The Greenworks 24012 electric leaf blower is both a good-quality and affordable leaf blower that is suitable for any general tasks that you need to complete. It works through a 7 amp motor and has a single speed which is powerful enough to move leaves and debris into piles. It is also extremely lightweight which means you can operate it easily without getting fatigued.

Our Verdict

 The Greenworks 24012 electric leaf blower is definitely our favourite leaf blower available if you are on a budget. If you are looking at bang for your buck then for the money you cannot go wrong with this Greenworks leaf blower. When we tested it, it was more than capable of carrying out all of the general tasks that you need your leaf blower to do. One thing we really liked was how lightweight the leaf blower is making it so easy to operate. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend but still want a good quality leaf blower then the Greenworks 24012 7 electric leaf blower is a great choice!

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BLACK+DECKER BV6000 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

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The Black and Decker BV6000 is another powerful 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher power tool. It is powered by a 12 amp motor connected to an electric cord allowing it to output blow speeds of up to 250 mph. This model also includes an option to vary the speed of the airflow. This is a great feature to help remove leaves and debris from flower beds without damaging them, as well as tough matted leaves. However, it is not only the leaf blower that is powerful in this model as the vacuum is also extremely efficient. To add to this the mulcher can shred 12 bags of leaves down into 1 which means you can get on with the job without having to regularly stop and empty it. Finally, the Black and Decker BV6000 is relatively affordable, especially when you consider that you get three power tools in one.

Our Verdict

When you buy a Black and Decker power tools you expect high-quality and the BV6000 gives you exactly that. We love these 3-in-1 leaf blower, outdoors vacuum and mulcher combination tools as it just simply makes the task of cleaning your outside space so much easier. Add to this the extra feature of variable blowing speeds dependant on the area you are working with really impressed us. What we first noticed when we unboxed the Black and Decker BV6000 at Wonkee Donkee was its traditional handheld design with the added convenience over an over the shoulder strap for the mulch waste collector bag. This was really comfortable to carry and the bag is so simple to remove and empty before carrying on. The price is also great, which means that even if you have a small budget you can still get a great 3-in-1 power tool to make your life easier.

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Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Handheld Blower

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The Makita BHX2501 is a gas-powered leaf blower that is unique in that is operates a 4 stroke engine. This allows you to have complete control over the power output of the engine. This allows you to reduce the amount of fuel you use and the emissions from the leaf blower. Makita has also designed this leaf blower to be lightweight and compact. To add to this, they have included vibration dampeners and a sound muzzle to make it more user-friendly. The BHX2501 is also built from quality materials and is extremely durable, making it a great long term solution to your leaf blowing tasks.

Our Verdict

If you were to ask us at Wonkee Donkee which gas-powered leaf blower was our favourite then it would be difficult to argue against the Makita BHX2501. In this model, Makita has really concentrated on solving the common issues with gas leaf blowers by making it lightweight, compact and reduced the emissions it produces. The design is based around comfort with vibration-reducing components to lessen the strain on the user. Its emissions also meet all regulations and the different options of the 4 stroke energy allow you to choose the power output of your leaf blower. This makes it more fuel-efficient saving you money whilst also kinder to the environment. The last great feature about the Makita BHX2501 is the sound muffler they use which reduces the noise output of this leaf blower dramatically.

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Husqvarna 952711925 2-Stroke Handheld Blower

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Husqvarna is a growing brand in high-quality power tools and their gas-powered leaf blower option is the Husqvarna 952711925. This is a gas-powered leaf blower which operates using a 2 stroke motor allowing you to vary your blow speed. The maximum output of this leaf blower is around 170 mph which is relatively low for a gas-powered option, but it is more than capable of most leaf blower tasks. One unique characteristic of the Husqvarna 952711925 is the customisable fan speed and tube length which allows the operator the change and make adjustments to the leaf blower for different tasks.

Our Verdict

At Wonkee Donkee we like the Husqvarna 952711925 gas-powered leaf blower, but if you compare it with other similar leaf blowers on the market we’re not totally convinced. It has a decent power output of up to 170 mph and a 2-stroke gas-powered engine which was capable of doing all the tasks we needed it to. It also feels durable and this will definitely last you several years. One thing that the Husqvarna 952711925 leaf blower does that many other models don’t do is allow the user to change several things in order to customise it to them. It seems only a little thing but being able to adjust the fan speed and tube length to your preferences makes it great to use and switch up for different tasks.

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DEWALT DCM562P1 XR Brushless Blower

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The first thing to note is that this leaf blower has different model names in the UK and the US so make sure you are looking at the right model when reading this review. The DeWalt DCM562P1 XR as it is known in the UK is an extremely reliable and effective battery-powered leaf blower with the ability to take on all projects regardless of size. You get the classic quality build and durability you expect from DeWalt tools is balanced with being lightweight and easy to carry and use. The battery life is good and also environmentally friendly. Finally, the DeWalt DCM562P1 is probably the quietest leaf blower included in our best leaf blower review.

Our Verdict

At Wonkee Donkee we love the design of the DEWALT DCM562P1, but this might just be because it looks like a monster of a leaf blower. Don’t be fooled by its appearance though as this DeWalt leaf blower is relatively lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The power output of 90 mph is decent for a battery-powered leaf blower and it handled the tests we put it through pretty well. It is also extremely quiet in comparison to other leaf blowers so if you are looking for a power tool to use in a residential area regularly then this DeWalt option could be for you!

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Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 4 Cycle Backpack Blower

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Troy-Bilt has created one of the most ergonomic and comfortable gas-powered leaf blowers that we have ever seen with the Troy-Bilt TB4BP. The padded backpack and belt combination distributes the weight of the leaf blower tool which means you don’t fatigue easily whilst using it. The gas-powered motor can create blow speeds of up to 150 miles per hour which makes it a great leaf blower for any tasks. You can also buy the added extra of a jump starter to get you going quickly without the pain of the pull cord. Finally, the tube of the leaf blower is designed to be completely flexible allowing you to easily get around and under obstacles without straining yourself.

Our Verdict

If you asked us what the most comfortable gas-powered leaf blower to use is we would have to say the Troy-Bilt TB4BP. The padded backpack and belt design are made with so much intelligence distributing the weight of the leaf blower whilst also being extremely breathable. The high power output expected from gas-powered models is also evident and it passed all of our tests with flying colours. Another thing we really like about the Troy-Bilt TB4BP is the flex-tube design which is a really handy feature if you need to use a leaf blower to negotiate around obstacles. Another thing we like is the optional extra of the jumpstarter. We have all been there struggling to start a gas motor on a power tool with a pull cord so removing this problem is great.

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WORX WG547 Turbine Cordless Blower

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The WORX WG547 is one of the most powerful battery-powered leaf blowers available on the market today. This makes it a great tool for small projects that can be completed in 15-20 minutes. It is also lightweight, functional and easy to carry when in operation. The WORX WG547 is also really quiet when in use in comparison to other leaf blowers with the same output which makes it a great choice for residential areas. The major downfall of this product is the battery life that is sacrificed in order to facilitate these other features. A full recharge takes up to 5 hours so there may be a lot of waiting around. This makes it a great tool for small projects but totally insufficient for long projects.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an extremely powerful battery powered leaf blower to use for small projects regularly then the WORX WG547 will tick all those boxes. WORX has created a ridiculously powerful battery-powered leaf blower which is second to none in terms of power output. To use it is a great leaf blower to use and it made quick work of all of the tests we put it through. However, this does come with the need to recharge regularly which we found a little annoying. So if you’re looking for a nippy leaf blower for small tasks then this is a great option. If you undertake large projects then unless you have other tasks to do whilst it recharges this is not the choice for you.

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Leaf Blowers – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a leaf blower work?

The magic of pressing a button and getting an instant blast of air that you can shoot in any direction you wish is extremely satisfying. However, have you ever thought to yourself ‘how does a leaf blower work?’. At Wonkee Donkee we have simplified the explanation of how a leaf blower functions so that you can find out for yourself, so strap in and get ready to learn.

The way that leaf blowers generate the air they blow out is by using something known as centrifugal force. This sounds confusing we know but it really isn’t that complicated. Centrifugal force is the name given to the force and pressure exerted on objects when looked at in a rotating frame of reference. In simpler terms, there are fans inside leaf blowers that turn, these fans are what creates the centrifugal force that powers the machine. The long cylinder of a leaf blower then directs this centrifugal force out in the direction you point in leading to the powerful concentration of airflow.

To drill down into the details a bit more what happens is that the spinning of the blades sucks in air from outside the chamber. This air is then forced through a smaller opening than where it entered from. This movement of air from a large space to a small space causes it to compress and build up. The only place for the air to escape is through the leaf blower tube at a force that can reach up to 250 mph. This technology is used in every single leaf blower of the market regardless of whether they are powered by an electric cord, battery-powered or a type of fuel.

This technology is widely used in the modern world. Another common example is the standard fan that you use to cool down on hot days. You have probably learned by now that on a hot day that placing fans in or near a window is the most effective way to cool down a room. This forces the heat from the room into the outdoors helping create airflow and reduce the temperature as a whole.

What brand manufacturer makes the best leaf blower?

As with most power tools the ‘best’ available option is completely dependant on the needs of you as the user. When looking at the best leaf blower brand the case is exactly the same, the best leaf blower for you is relative to what you need from it.

At Wonkee Donkee our job is to help you make that decision by giving you amazing quality power tool guides to let you make an informed decision. However, if we really had to pick one leaf blower out of our leaf blower review to be the best then it would have to be the Toro 51619 Ultra. This leaf blower is in keeping with the rest of Toro’s high-quality power tool range and has been designed to be functional, easy to use and ridiculously powerful for a battery-powered leaf blower.

We love the dual function of this leaf blower as it also doubles up as a leaf vacuum. This can be used at the beginning of a task to vacuum an outside area or at the end of a task to tidy up the pile of leaves and debris gathered. It gets better, installed within the Toro 51619 is a leaf mulcher. So the Toro leaf blower not only vacuums up the leaves but also mulches them down to minimise the space they use up. This reduces the frequency at which you need to empty the chamber where they gather as well as reduce the amount of bags or containers you dispose of the waste in to.

What Toro has done with the 51619 leaf blower is nothing short of extraordinary. Their leaf blower is so powerful that it can generate up to 250 mph wind speeds. This is unheard of in electric leaf blowers and is usually restricted to gas or fuel-powered leaf blowers. You might think that this amount of power may mean that the Toro leaf blower is extremely inefficient on energy and must be harmful to the environment.

But, you would be completely wrong Toro’s leaf blower is energy certified and uses no more energy than other leaf blowers available on the market. To make it the complete package the Toro 51619 comes in a compact yet sleek design which makes it easy to carry, use and store away. We are absolutely amazed by the capability of this leaf blower at Wonkee Donkee and think that anyone who makes the decision to get one would not regret it.

How good are cordless leaf blowers?

This question is a tricky one as it is largely down to the make and model of the leaf blower as well as the opinion and needs of whoever is operating it. When the technology for cordless leaf blowers first came out there was a lot of disappointment with some models not offering a lot of power whilst others were temperamental in their effectiveness. Thankfully technological innovation has helped solve these issues.

When talking about cordless leaf blowers you need to first understand what the different types of cordless leaf blowers are. This is important as different cordless leaf blowers have their own strengths and weaknesses based on how they are powered. Basically, a cordless leaf blower is any leaf blower that is not powered via an electric cable. Any leaf blower that is powered by gas/petrol or battery falls into the category of a cordless leaf blower. The beauty of a cordless leaf blower is the complete mobility you have whilst using it allowing you to wander around without being restricted by an electric cable that prevents you from straying too far.

Although battery-powered leaf blowers and gas-powered leaf blowers share the advantage of complete mobility they do differ between one and other in the other benefits they offer. For example, the main benefits of a battery-powered leaf blower are that they are easier to control, have a range of mobility and operate quietly in comparison to other leaf blowers. The last advantage is especially important if you don’t want to upset the neighbours when you’re clearing your outdoors area early in the morning. On the other hand, although they are capable of generating a good speed of airflow, they are not as powerful as leaf blowers powered by different sources.

Gas leaf blowers boast the advantages of being mobile, versatile and extremely powerful. The combination of using gas and oil to fuel the leaf blower creates an unparalleled power output. These advantages come at the cost of being rather noisy in comparison to electric and battery-powered leaf blowers. At the end of the day, if you are looking at getting a battery-powered leaf blower then the decision is up to you. All you need to do is decide on what you need your leaf blower to be able to do and choose the option that can fulfil all of these tasks without spending over your budget.

What you should take into account before buying a gas leaf blower?

The decision to purchase a gas leaf blower may be the road you take and this might be the right decision for you. However, there are a few things you should consider before you choose a gas-powered leaf blower. The first and probably most important consideration is that of your physical capability to handle a gas leaf blower. They are typically heavier than other models available on the market, so you should always consider the weight of the leaf blower model, especially if you will be using it for a long time.

Saying this, recent technological advancements have made these models smaller and lighter as well as more ergonomic. The introduction of the backpack leaf blower allows the operator to distribute the weight of the device between their arms and the rest of their body to reduce fatiguing a particular muscle group. Other models have introduced padded belts to increase comfort, efficiency and reduce tiring the user when in operation.

If you are serious about choosing a cordless leaf blower then our recommendation at Wonkee Donkee would be to go with the DeWalt DCBL720B. This model is incredibly well built combining a brushless motor with an overall lightweight design and with DeWalt as the manufacturer you know you’re buying quality.

How well do battery-powered leaf blowers really work?

The battery-powered leaf blower has seen some dramatic improvements over recent years with manufacturers competing to have the best model on the market. The convenience of being able to roam freely with a lightweight leaf blower which is relatively environmentally friendly are the reasons behind this. Other major benefits include the quiet operating noise which makes them a real attraction in residential areas to avoid damaging your own hearing or upsetting the neighbours.

One of the most important developments in the battery life of the leaf blowers. This not only makes them more energy efficient as less power is wasted but also reduced the frequency at which you need to recharge the power tool. Decent battery life is an important factor if you use a battery-powered leaf blower regularly for extended periods of time as it allows you to get on with the task at hand without unnecessary breaks.

The main reasons why the manufacturers have developed the technology of battery-powered leaf blowers is the demand from customers. The combination of being reasonably environmentally friendly and the freedom of movement whilst operating are the key features of a battery-powered leaf blower. You no longer have to think about how far you can reach with the cord or if you need an extension lead. The annoyance of being tangled up or even worse tripping over the lead have also been eradicated with the new option of the lightweight easily portable battery-powered leaf blowers.

Don’t get us wrong they are not perfect. They have a reasonable power output that can complete the majority of tasks you need them for with ease. However, the technology to get them as powerful as their gas or cable powered alternatives. But the fact they are so much lighter and energy-efficient than gas-powered leaf blowers makes you question whether gas leaf blowers will soon become a power tool of the past. One argument you could make against this is that gas-powered leaf blowers can run for a much longer period of time and only need a 2-minute fuel before going again. This is in comparison to battery leaf blowers which on average need an hour or two to recharge enough to be used properly again.

Which is better between a gas leaf blower and an electric leaf blower?

If you are considering getting a leaf blower then one of the main things that you need to take into account is what power source you want your leaf blower to work off. The different power sources of leaf blowers all have their own advantages and disadvantages and which is better for you is a question that only you can answer. First, you need to look at the different types of leaf blowers available. In this question, we are comparing gas or fuel-powered leaf blowers and corded electric leaf blowers. It should be noted that in this section when we refer to electric leaf blowers we mean corded and not battery-powered leaf blowers. At Wonkee Donkee our goal is to give you all the information on the best leaf blowers so that you can make this decision easily and without the hassle of doing all your own research.

The first thing you need to consider when you are trying to figure which is better between a gas and an electric leaf blower is the size of the space in which you will be working. If the space is relatively small, such as your backyard or just the external of your property then in terms of what will power your leaf blower does not really matter much. On the other hand, if you are a landscaper or have a large estate that you need to cover then a gas-powered leaf blower will be more suited.

One major advantage of a gas-operated leaf blower over a corded electric leaf blower is the freedom to be mobile and operate your leaf blower without being restricted to the length of cable. If you have ever used a corded power tool on the move you will understand this frustration, especially when you need to be conscious of not tripping over the cable yourself at the same time.

The second thing to consider is what jobs you need to complete with the leaf blower. If you are only using a leaf blower to tidy up your yard or personal property then an electric leaf blower is more than capable and doing everything you need it to. Alternatively, if you operate a leaf blower as part of your profession such as landscaping then again a gas-powered leaf blower will be more appropriate. The reason behind this is that gas-powered leaf blowers are much more convenient to use and can run for longer in more places without the need to keep unplugging and moving the power source.

The next consideration can easily be overlooked but it is important, especially if you are purchasing a leaf blower for the long term. This is your physical ability and your overall health. Leaf blowers are typically carried for a long period of time this can easily fatigue the user. Electric leaf blowers weigh less than their gas-powered alternatives making them much more comfortable and easier to use. We definitely recommend buying a leaf blower that reflects your physical capabilities. Some leaf blowers are now designed with backpacks and belts to help spread the weight of the power tool and make it easier for the user to operate.

The effect of using a leaf blower on the environment is something else that should come into account when you are choosing the best leaf blower for you. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly. The less fuel you use the cheaper it is to operate a power tool so there is an added benefit of cheaper running costs. To add to this electric leaf blowers are much more energy-efficient and thus environmentally friendly in comparison to gas or fuel-powered leaf blowers. This is due to gas-powered leaf blower motor’s outputting emissions into the air when they are used.

To conclude, which leaf blower is better out of gas-powered models and electric-powered models is subjective to the user. In this section, we have covered all of the things you need to consider from what you need your leaf blower for, your physical capability and the environmental effects which you need to consider. Once you have properly assessed each of these options then you can make the decision as to which is the best leaf blower for you.

Can you use a leaf blower to clear snow?

Just because the winter months may bring snow that does not mean that your leaf blower is now useless, they can be used to clear away snow too! They can actually be really effective at clearing away snow especially if you have a powerful model. There are however, some things that you might need to take into account before you start blasting snow around your yard.

Firstly, the type of snow which has fallen on the ground is important to know before you begin clearing your pathways. If there has been a light snowfall and your yard is covered in a relatively thin layer then your lead blower will have no problem in clearing this away. When clearing snow petrol or gas leaf blowers will be the most effective choice of power tool. This is purely because of the fact that gas leaf blowers are typically more powerful and the more power the better when clearing away snow. Some battery-powered options are now catching up with generating large amounts of power to compete with gas leaf blowers. However, not all models are as powerful so you will need to make sure that you find the right battery-powered option for you.

Unfortunately, the leaf blower is not an effective power tool for clearing away all types of snow. If you experience a snowfall which results in a soggy or wet snowfall underfoot then the leaf blower won’t be much use. This is also relevant if it is icy underneath the snow as clearing away the top layer of snow will just expose the ice which can be dangerous underfoot. The best tool for clearing away wet snow is a proper traditional snow shovel and the leaf blower should be kept away.

There is also a range of other different things you need to consider before you use a leaf blower to clear away the snow. One of these things is the size of the space you need to clear and the time it will take. You have some control when using a leaf blower as to which direction the snow will go but not as much as if you manually shovelled it. The leaf blower is also likely to become wet with moisture entering it as you clear away the snow. This will not stop the leaf blower from functioning in the short term but repeated occurrences over time may cause damage to the tool. There is a simple solution to this and that is to store the leaf blower in a warm place after use. This will help slowly dry out the leaf blower keeping it in full working order.

Finally, the last thing you need to take into account before clearing away slow is what type of leaf blower you will use to complete the task. As we previously mentioned, you can use a battery-powered leaf blower. However, these are not typically as powerful as their gas-powered alternatives. They are also more prone to being damaged by moisture entering the system. Corded electric leaf blowers are effectively redundant in snowy weather as the electrical hazard of moisture is not worth the risk.

Our recommendation at Wonkee Donkee is to use a gas-powered leaf blower if you want to clear away the snow. The power, mobility and sturdiness of gas-powered leaf blowers make it a no brainer when you are deciding which leaf blower is best to clear snow.

What is the best leaf blower available?

It is difficult to definitively answer this question as the best leaf blower to use depends on the tasks you need to complete. At Wonkee Donkee we have reviewed all the best leaf blowers to save you the work of doing all the research yourself. From testing these products ourselves and debating amongst ourselves we have come up with what are our favourite leaf blowers available on the market.

Top Pick – Toro 51619 Vac

It is hard not to sound bias when talking about the Toro 51619 Vac leaf blower because it is simply outstanding. Toro has created an amazing power tool that is not only a high-quality leaf blower but also a leaf vacuum and mulcher. This leaf blower does more than just gather your leaves and debris from your yard with up to 250mph of force it takes care of collecting and mulching the waste to save you time and energy. The fact that this tool is a 3-in-1 solution all of your needs is just enhanced by its ergonomic design making it comfortable to hold, easy to manoeuvre and extremely functional.

Premium Choice – Echo PB-580T Backpack

If you are looking for a premium leaf blower to use is a professional environment then the Echo PB-580T Backpack leaf blower should be at the top of your list. The build of this leaf blower makes it a really comfortable to carry backpack which reduces the strain on your body and better distributes the weight of the tool. This means that you can use this leaf blower without getting fatigued easily. To add to this it works on a combination of fuel and gas which means it has a long operating time when full, there is also the added advantage that a top-up is all that is needed to go again if it runs out. This is much more advantageous in comparison to battery-powered leaf blowers that require recharge time. Finally, it has a strong output of up to 215 mph which is more than enough to deal with any task you need.

Great Value – Greenworks 24012 7 Amp

Our favourite leaf blower in terms of bang for your buck is definitely the Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric Blower. If you are after an easy to use leaf blower to tidy your yard or outside area that is efficient and can get the job done, you can’t go wrong with this Greenworks leaf blower. It’s also really affordable and a great choice if you are on a budget. The 7 amp motor which is powered by an electric cable gives a decent output of force, and the safety lock keeps the tool from accidental start-up. All in all, this is a great all-round leaf blower at an even better price.

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