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What is a boiler pump multitool?

What is a boiler pump multitool?

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Image of a boiler pump multitool A boiler pump multitool is a tool that has been designed specifically for tightening and loosening all of the different types of screws that are used to hold a boiler pump (sometimes referred to as a circulator pump) together.
Image of a boiler pump A boiler pump makes hot water flow from your boiler to the radiators throughout your house. Without it, your radiators would be cold!
Image showing a 5 for 1 market trader sign to illustrate the value of having 5 tools all in one The multitool can be reconfigured to match the specific task you need it to do. It counts as five tools in one.
Image showing the name of the tool, Jonmac or Johnny Mac, inscribed on its shaft There is only one brand of boiler pump multitool: the “Jonmac” or “Johnny Mac”. This is an abbreviated name of the tool’s inventor,¬†John Macoughlin.
Image of Wonkee Donkee in a canoe, thinking of John McEnroe A famous tennis player earned his name for the fact that he used to ride a dinghy up the river to repair boiler pumps. In other words, he used to take his Jonmac and row…
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What are the 5 functions of a boiler pump multitool?

Image showing a 4mm, 5mm and 6mm allen key

Tools 1-3

The multitool has bits that allow it to function as an allen key to fit 4mm (5/32″), 5mm (13/64″) or 6mm (15/64″) screws.

Image showing an allen key bit A bit is the part of a screwdriver or allen key that fits inside a screw. In the case of the multitool, there are 4 different bits that can be attached to the tool. A fifth is permanently attached to the handle.
Image to show an example of an allen key in use An allen key is a hexagonal tool designed to turn screws with hexagonal recesses in their heads. It is sometimes referred to as a hex-key or allen wrench.
Image of a screwdriver

Tool 4

The multitool can function as a screwdriver with a 4mm (5/32″) flat bit.

Image of a DIYer using a screwdriver A screwdriver turns a screw by slotting into the top of it to provide grip that you would not be able to get by turning it with your bare hands.
Image of a screw that can be turned by a flat headed screwdriver Screwdrivers with flat bits turn screws with flat, linear indentations (slots) in their heads.
Image to show the location of the bit mounted in the multitool's handle

Tool 5

The multitool also has a separate flat bit in its handle.

Image of a DIYer loosening a bleed screw cover plate using the long, flat bit used on the top of the multitool This part of the tool is designed for turning bleed screw cover plates, which look like giant screws.
Image of a boiler pump with its bleed screw cover plate removed, allowing access to the inside Removing this cover plate allows access to the inside of the pump for repairs, or to bleed the pump of air.

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