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What are the parts of a boiler pump multitool?

What are the parts of a boiler pump multitool?

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   Labelled diagram of a boiler pump multitool

Boiler pump multitool handle

Image of a boiler pump multitool's handle The handle of the boiler pump multitool is made from plastic. The underside of the handle is moulded to fit comfortably around your fingers.
Image showing a DIYer with a firm grip on a boiler pump multitool The handle allows for a solid grip on the tool, making it much easier to unfasten stiff screws.
Image showing the area of the multitool handle that allows you to store the spare bit The handle also has space to store the detachable bit that you are not using so that it won’t get lost.

Boiler pump multitool shaft

Image showing the shaft of a boiler pump multitool The shaft of the tool is made from high carbon steel. Its length allows you to reach into tight spaces to loosen or tighten screws if necessary.

Boiler pump multitool bit holder

Image of a boiler pump multitool bit holder The bit holder is magnetic, which allows you to attach or detach the bit you want to use without having to screw it into the tool. It also prevents the bit from falling out while you’re working.

Boiler pump multitool bits

Image showing the two magnetic multitool bits, one attached to the multitool's bit holder The multitool comes with two double-ended magnetic bits: a 4mm (5/32″) allen key, a 5mm (13/64″) allen key, a 6mm (15/64″) allen key and a 4mm (5/32″) flat screwdriver.
Image to show how an AF measurement is taken on a hexagonal shape All allen key measurements above are A/F (across flats), which means that they indicate the distance between two opposite edges of the hexagonal end of the tool.
Image to show a DIYer who is worried about the fact that allen key measurements come in millimetres rather than inches Don’t worry that these measurements are provided only in millimetres (metric) by some vendors. If you’re used to working in inches (imperial), all you need to do is just remember which size of allen key bit fits in your pump’s screw heads, so you only need to remember the number 4, 5 or 6!
 Wonkee Donkee converts 4mm, 5mm and 6mm into inches
Image showing the flat screwdriver bit mounted on the handle of the boiler pump multitool There is one more bit located in the centre of the top part of the handle.
Image of a DIYer loosening a bleed screw cover plate using the long, flat bit used on the top of the multitool This part of the tool is designed for turning bleed screw cover plates.

An added bonus of boiler pump multitool bits

Image showing a magnet picking up screws in a similar way to the magnetic bit in a boiler pump multitool The tips of the bits are magnetic, which means they will attach firmly to the screws. It also means you’re less likely to drop them once you have unscrewed them.

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