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Best Fencing Installer’s Tools Guide

Best Fencing Installer's Tools

If you are thinking of installing a fence then you might be thinking what do you need to build a fence, at Wonkee Donkee we have you covered. We have created a complete list of everything you need in order to install a fence.

Claw Hammer

There are few hammers that can match this one for the simple pleasure of use. The blunt end is used to strike and the claw end is used to pry. You will need it to sink and pry nails and staples.


The sledgehammer is a heavy-duty hammer with a long fiberglass handle that is used to drive fence posts and poles into the ground. It is also often used in demolition work.

Lump Hammer

The lump hammer is the sledge hammer’s little sister. Typically weighing between 0.5-3kg (1.1-6.6lbs) and has a shorter handle. They are used for all manner of building and construction work.

Post Rammer

A post rammer is an essential piece of kit because it will allow you to drive round fence posts into the ground without splitting the timber. 


The mattock is a versatile tool similar to a pickaxe. Instead of a pickaxe’s claw-like pick the mattock has a sharp axe head on one side and a spatulate hoe-like blade on the other. It can be used to cut, dig, and chop. A thoroughly useful tool. 

Manual Auger

A manual auger works like a large corkscrew and is used to create holes in the ground for fencing posts.

Post Hole Digger

The post hole digger is the correct tool to use when removing soil from your post holes prior to inserting your fence posts.

Power Mixer

You will need one of these to mix your cement prior to filling and setting your posts.

Post Level

A post level allows you to accurately determine the horizontal and vertical level of your fence posts.

Wire Cutters

Heavy-duty wire cutters are essential in the fencing industry as you will need to trim, snip and cut all manner of fencing wire.

Rabbiting Shovel

The rabbiting spade is designed specifically for digging post holes and deep narrow trenches. Its thin blade makes digging in hard ground much easier. You will use this tool a lot in the fencing industry so, purchasing a good quality one is a must.


A good quality all-purpose shovel will be of great use when installing fences. You can use it to lift and transport small amounts of materials; pile rubble, gravel and earth. You can even roughly measure out your individual concrete elements.

Fencing Pliers

These fencing pliers are an extremely versatile, multi-purpose tool that allows you to perform a variety of functions such as: extracting nails and staples, driving nails and staples, wire cutting, wire pulling and wire squeezing.

Fencing Maul

The fencing maul is designed specifically for driving fence posts into the ground. They have a large, round, flat face which imparts its force on the top of the fence post equally and evenly which reduces the risk of splitting the timber.

Digging Bar

Used for breaking rock or concrete and for levering heavy objects. Digging bars provide great leverage when uprooting old posts in and set concrete. They are also particularly useful at prying up roots, buried stones and breaking through tough clods.

Wire Twisting Pliers

These handy little pliers make quick work of an awkward job. They have toothed jaws for a strong grip and a pump action twisting drive. This turns the pliers and twists the wires together until they become entwined and locked. A super useful tool that will neaten up all your loose wire ends.


A pickaxe is a heavy-duty digging tool with a long handle and two fierce points. One point has a sharp, flat chisel edge and the other has a pointed pick. It is used for breaking up earth and hard ground.

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