What is a brick jointer?

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A brick jointer is a hand tool designed to imprint grooves into recently filled mortar joints at the stage when they are starting to set.

Using a brick jointer helps to improve the lifespan and visual impact of the mortar.

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Mortar Joint A mortar joint is a term used to refer to the surface layer of mortar used to join bricks to one another.
Mortar Finishing Tool Umbrella A brick jointer is sometimes referred to as a ‘mortar finishing tool’. This is an umbrella term, encompassing many different masonry tools. It is used to refer to any tool which can shape the mortar between bricks. A ‘jointer’ is a specific type of tool within this category.

Why use a brick jointer?

Compact mortar You may wish to carry out brick jointing to fulfil a number of key purposes:

1.  To help compact mortar between bricks, improving water resistance.

Mortar work revealing the edges of the brick 2.  To improve the appearance of mortar, revealing the edges of the brick.
Mortar work creating the appearance of merged bricks 3.  To create the appearance of merged bricks.