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How do I create a vee mortar joint?

How to create a vee mortar joint
with a brick jointer

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Step 1 – Select jointer

Select a vee jointer.

Vee Joint with red highlighted section Use the end of the jointer which you have identified as the correct radius for the mortar gap.
 applying pressure to the mortar

Step 2 – Hold midsection

Hold the midsection of the jointer between the thumb and forefinger.

 Align the jointer against the mortar joint

Step 3 – Align jointer

Align the jointer so it is ready to compress the mortar in-between the bricks.

 Smooth in one direction

Step 4 – Carry out jointing

Carry out a smooth jointing motion, working in the same direction throughout. Tool vertical joints followed by horizontal joints. A crisp vee shaped indent will be left in the mortar.

Brush away excess mortar

Step 5 – Brush away excess

Gently brush away excess mortar from the brickwork, be careful not to smear it against the brick. Leave the mortar to set.

 V Joint Brickwork Finished vee mortar joints will look like this.

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