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What are the different parts of a brick rake?

What are the parts of a brick rake?

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Labelled image of a brick rake.
This is the basic format of a brick rake. Different companies will vary this design slightly.

Brick rake skate wheels

brick rake skate wheels are hard wearing The skate wheels are hard wearing wheels that move along the bricks as the robust pin rakes out mortar.

Brick rake spade bolt

Brick rake spade bolt to secure the robust pin The spade bolt is twisted to secure the robust pin in place.

Brick rake robust pin

Brick rake robust pin is adjustable The robust pin can be moved up and down by twisting the spade bolt to release the pin and then tightening it back up to secure the pin. The flat end of the robust pin sticks out into the mortar and the sharp point sticks up out the top of the brick rake.

Brick rake handle

Brick rake aluminium handle The aluminium handle is gripped in the operator’s hand and runs parallel to the mortar.
Brick rake with handle end incorporating a brick jointer This type of design with a curved end allows the brick rake to double up as a ‘brick joint trowel’ which you run along freshly laid mortar before it sets to neaten up the joint.

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