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What are the different types of brick jointer?

What are the different types of brick jointer?

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Traditional jointers

Traditional Cranked Design A traditional brick jointer is considered to be one with a cranked or S-shaped body. This design is often favoured above all others as it offers excellent maneuverability and versatility.

Traditional concave jointers

Concave Jointer A traditional concave jointer used to create a ‘U’ shaped indent in mortar is also a highly popular choice.

Traditional vee jointers

V Jointer A traditional vee shaped jointer is used to indent a crisp  ‘V’ groove in the centre of the mortar.

Traditional grapevine jointers

Grapevine Jointer A traditional grapevine jointer has a protruding edge which creates a small central indent in the mortar. The indent is formed at irregular heights running along the joint to mimic the appearance of a grapevine.

Traditional beaded jointers

Square Beaded Jointer A traditional beaded jointer consists of a sunken design with trough-like edges. This jointer creates a raised bead-shaped segment of mortar in the middle of the joint.

A beaded jointer is available either squared (pictured) or rounded.

Barbell jointers

Barbell Jointer Barbell jointers are used to create concave joints, and have a double-ended design with metal spherical balls at either end.

This design emerged as a way of reducing knuckle grazes against brick and minimizing the effort needed to apply pressure to mortar joints.


E jointer

An E-jointer is a modern design created to address issues of convenience. A curved hand-hold allows mortar to be left on the outside of your pocket, whilst the other half of the tool remains storable. They are particularly lightweight and suitable for creating concave joints.

Hubbard barrel jointers

Hubbard Barrel Jointer The Hubbard barrel design was invented by an American bricklayer. It comes with multiple-sized attachments which are interchangeable, making it the most versatile jointing tool available for concave jointing.

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