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What are bottle jacks?

What are bottle jacks?

Example of a hydraulic bottle jack.

A bottle jack is a type of hydraulic jack that is placed in a vertical position. This type of jack is used because of its high leverage and ability to fit into small spaces.

Car Trolley Jack Lifting a Car

 This image shows a bottle jack being used to lift a car. Car bottle jacks typically come as standard with different weight capabilities, for example 4 tonnes, 6 tonnes or 8 tonnes. Before you make a purchase you should consider what vehicles you will need your bottle jack to be able to lift to make sure the model you choose can withstand the tasks you need it for.

Bottle Jacks and Axle Stands comparison

Bottle jacks are suitable for lifting vehicles, however, they should not be used as supports for a vehicle, as the seals in a bottle jack could fail suddenly, leak and cause accidents.


Use a bottle jack to lift the vehicle only, and always place axle stands appropriately under the vehicle to support its weight.

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