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What is a brick hod?

What is a brick hod?

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a brick hod showing the ribs and handle A brick hod is a device in the shape of an open-ended box, which is used for carrying and transporting bricks.
A workman carrying a number of bricks with a brick hod When full, the brick hod is designed to be carried over one shoulder.
worker carrying a mortar hod full of mortar Sometimes, hods are seen as dual purpose for carrying both brick and mortar.

However, there is a specific mortar hod, which is very similar to the brick hod but usually has a more rounded shape. (as pictured)

copper coal scuttle also known as a hod The term “brick hod” usually refers to brick carriers only, but it can also encompass coal scuttles.

A brief history…

16th century image of a man with wicker basket The hod is a very old tool; however, up until the 16th century, the term referred to a wicker basket used to transport mortar.

The modern variation was first mentioned in 1532 at Westminster, in relation to the supply of handles for hods, hammers and mattocks.

patent diagram of improved hod During the 19th century, there were several patents issued for variations to the brick and mortar hod.

These included changes to the shape, material and strength of the tool.

man carrying bricks on shoulders A hod carrier or ‘hoddie’ was the job title for the person on a building site that transported the bricks and carried out other odd jobs.

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