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What are brick hods made of?

What are brick hods made of?

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Brick hods have been made from several different materials over the years, including wicker and paper pulp. Nowadays, they are more likely to be made from metal or plastic.


sheet of iron showing that brick hods may be made from steel. Brick hods may also be made from aluminium. Different metals have been used to make brick hods, including iron and aluminium. Sheet iron was used in the 19th century; because it was cheap, abundant and strong. More recently, aluminium is the metal of choice for hods as it is lightweight and durable, making it more ergonomic.


variety of plastic sheets showing that brick hods may be made from plastic Most hods now found are made from plastic, or more specifically, polyethylene (PE) – the most common plastic. PE, as a plastic can be manufactured with different properties. For the sturdiness required for hods, a high density PE is used. This is extremely hardwearing and virtually unbreakable. It can also be moulded into almost any shape, so can be manufactured in one piece with extra features included.

Polyethylene is the same plastic used for carrier bags and some cling films, as well as for wheelie bins. bubble donkee


Brick hod handles are usually made from timber such as ash Hod handles are usually sold separately to the hod head and made from wood; typically ash. Ash is tough and cheaper than comparable hardwoods. It is also flexible, shock resistant and has a resistance to splitting which makes it ideal for tools such as hods.

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