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What are the different parts of a brick hod?

What are the parts of a brick hod?

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labelled brick hod diagram showing hod head, back panel, ribs, handle socket and the position where the shoulder rests
A brick hod consists of an open box and a handle for carrying.

Brick hod box (brick hod head)

brick hod head A brick hod’s box is usually three-sided and has a V-shaped end.

It also has a back panel to secure the load and make it possible to be carried at an angle (on the shoulder).

brick hod showing the handle attachment The box section also incorporates a socket for the handle, which is placed on the underside, at the bottom of the V.

It consists of a tube into which the handle is inserted.

Brick hod handle

hod handle The handle is the part held by the user, and usually takes the form of a basic pole with a tapered end to fit into the socket on the hod. Brick hod handles are usually sold separately, and some brush handles may fit as a substitute.

The actual hod handles are available in two standard lengths: 107cm (42″) and 120cm (48″).

The length you want is dependent on your height and ergonomic comfort. You may feel more comfortable with the longer version if you are a taller person and vice versa.

ergonomics definition
Some models may have extra features that improve the brick hod. These can include:

Brick hod shoulder cushioning

diagram of hod with shoulder cushioning shown In 1869 there was a patent issued for an improved brick and mortar hod which included the addition of a shoulder cushion.

A leather lining stuffed with hair was subsequently added.

brick hod shoulder rest Nowadays, hods don’t tend to come with cushioning like this. However, they can come with a flattened section which rests on the shoulder.

Ribbed or reinforced brick hod sides

blue plastic brick hod with ribbed sides Older hods, made from wood or metal, sometimes have reinforced sides.

These will come in the form of metal brackets attached to the main V section to secure and enhance the tool.

The newer plastic versions of the tool are often moulded, with ribs to provide the extra reinforcement needed.

Brick hod size

dimensions of a brick hod typically 420 x 220 x220mm The dimensions of these brick hods are typically 420 x 220 x 220mm.

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