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How do you use a brick hod?

   How to carry bricks with a brick hod?

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Loading a brick hod

emptying and unloading a brick hod, upside down A standard brick hod can hold up to 12 bricks. It is a personal choice over how many to transport at once, depending on strength and stamina.To fully load the brick hod:
rest a brick hod against something secure to load with bricks Lean the back panel against something stable.Load two bricks side-by-side against the back panel.
load bricks into a brick hod changing the direction of the bricks with each successive layer Place another two bricks on top of the first two, but facing in the opposite direction. Continue stacking the bricks, alternating the brick direction for each successive layer, until the brick hod is full.
Wonkee donkee says "The hods are stacked this way to make them more stable. This way they are not likely to fall off in one go."

Carrying a brick hod

workman carrying a fully loaded brick hod

The hod is carried with the junction between head and handle resting on the shoulder. The handle is held, preferably by two hands, at around chest level.

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