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Are there any alternatives to brick hods?

Are there any alternatives to brick hods?

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Mechanical alternatives

brick conveyor or brick elevator used to carry bricks up scaffolding There are mechanical conveyor systems, also known as ‘elevators’ available to buy or hire for carrying bricks up scaffolding. Although expensive, they are far less strenuous than manually carrying bricks. They require at least two people to operate (one to load, one to empty) at either end of the conveyor.Electrically operated and petrol motor driven models are available.

Brick tongs

blue brick tongs are adjustable and allow up to 10 bricks to be carried by one person at a time Brick tongs allow you to pick up a number of bricks in one go, using only one hand. This means you can carry two brick tongs at a time and subsequently more bricks.
two brick tongs may be used simultaneously by one person to carry bricks A row of bricks (usually around 6-10) can be lifted between the tongs, as the handle or lever secures them in place. Brick tongs are easier to load than brick hods, but may require adjusting and are not as suitable for transporting bricks across different levels.Learn more about brick tongs.

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