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What is a soldering and brazing mat?

What is a soldering and brazing mat?

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A soldering and brazing mat is both heat proof and flame resistant A soldering and brazing mat is a heatproof mat, which protects your work surface from potential heat damage when soldering or brazing metal pieces. It can be used for:

  • Preventing solder drips from ruining surfaces
  • Resisting scorch marks and flame damage
  • Avoiding ignition of flammable material
These mats can be used for both soldering and brazing. Some mats, however, have a higher temperature rating than others.  These are ideal for the higher temperature brazing work.

Where can I use a soldering and brazing mat?

A soldering iron, for instance, can reach temperatures of 400°C plus The soldering and brazing process is intensely hot stuff! We’re talking temperatures from 90 degrees C to over 600 degrees C.
   Wonkee Donkee says 'That’s hot! Now you can see the need to protect your work surface.'
Electronic soldering connects electrical wiring and electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCBs). Electricians, plumbers and a wide range of tradesmen will often have to solder during the course of their work.For example, electricians solder electrical wiring and components to printed circuit boards…
Plumbers use solder to make permanent but reversible connections between copper pipes in domestic heating systems. …while plumbers make permanent but reversible connections between copper pipes in domestic heating systems.
Soldering allows jewellers to create professional and beautiful pieces of jewellery Silversmiths and jewellers use solder to join precious and semi-precious such as gold, silver and brass.
Using soldering in art and craft And not only is soldering used for commercial applications such as plumbing and metal working, it is also used widely in the home too:

  • Electronic kits, music and audio, gadgets and hobbies
  • Arts and crafts projects such as glass art, even fusing together fabric!
  • Cookware repair
  • Connecting guitar wire to the lugs on a guitar
A soldering mat covering the wall and pipe when soldering pipes Furthermore, all this soldering does not always take place on a suitable work bench!  A soldering and brazing mat will protect most areas including:

  • Decorative surfaces
  • Table tops
  • Walls and carpet
  • Wood and timber
  • Wiring and piping

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