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Soldering and Brazing Mat Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance of a Soldering and Brazing Mat

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Using a naked flame

The mat's life is influenced by heat intensity on a particular area A soldering and brazing mat can endure high temperature bursts for very short periods. However, try not to point the flame directly at the mat as this will affect the fibres of the yarn and, hence, reduce its lifespan.


Don't over soak it. Solder drips shouldn’t generally stick to the surface of the mat. If you do find that the solder adheres to the surface, wipe off with a damp cloth. Don’t over soak the fabric is this will weaken the fibres and, consequently, there will be some loss of heat resistance.

How long should the mat last?

When the whole of the surface has been charred, it is time to replace the mat This depends on how often you solder and if you solder using a naked flame. When the mat is blackened along the whole of its surface then it is time to replace it.


To help prolong the life of your soldering and brazing mat, store it in a dry place and away from any chemicals. You could put it with your soldering equipment in a toolbox, for instance.

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