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What is a Drywall T-Square?

What is a drywall T square?

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A drywall t-square is designed to aid cutting plasterboard A T square is a tool used in drawing and engineering to guarantee a straight edge or line, at right angles.

A drywall T square is designed to act as a support and a guide when cutting plasterboard.

How is it different to other drawing squares?

black drywall square with labelled long rule Sometimes referred to as a plaster square, a drywall T square is larger than many other squares, normally at least 1220mm  (48 inches)  long to suit the width of a sheet of plasterboard.

A drywall T square’s length ruler (longer ruler) is double edged. This means it has measurements on both sides and either side can be used to measure from.

Drywall t square used on plasterboard and drywall sheet placed along the top of a board A drywall T square is used to accurately measure a sheet of plasterboard and to guide a knife, or similar blade, when cutting the sheet to size.

Similar to drawing squares, the drywall T square helps the user to accurately measure and mark out materials.

Stacked plasterboard sheets It can be used to give a straight line and some can even be used when measuring and marking angles.

The drywall T square’s length means that it fits perfectly to the size of a 1220mm  (48 inches)  wide plasterboard sheet for easy measuring and cutting.

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