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Maintenance and Care of a Drywall T-Square

Drywall T square maintenance and care

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adjustable drywall square A drywall T square should maintain its life well. Its anodised coating prevents corrosion and the graduations should be resistant to wear.

To ensure a very long life, it is best to store indoors and treat with care.

A bent or damaged drywall T square that does not sit flat against a sheet of plasterboard will not measure accurately and should be replaced.

How to check the accuracy of a drywall T square

You will need: your drywall T square, a wooden board, a pencil (or other marking tool) and a couple of timber blocks of identical thickness.
Measuring and marking wooden board

Step 1 – Position T square and mark line

Position the drywall T square so that its shortest rule is in line with the edge of the wooden board.

Mark a line on the board along the full length of the longest rule.

Marking out using drywall t square

Step 2 – Turn over drywall T square

Remove the square and then place it back on the board with its front face against the board.

You may need to wedge one or two timber blocks underneath the tool so that there isn’t a gap between it and the board.

Step 3 – Check alignment

Check the alignment of the square against your mark.

If the square lines up with the line you have drawn, your T square is working accurately. If not, the tool is no longer square and should not be used.

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