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How do you cut drywall with a drywall T-Square?

How to cut plasterboard with a
drywall T square

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Drywall T square and utility/trimming knife To cut plasterboard, only a few tools are needed: a drywall T square and a utility / trimming knife.
Measuring and marking plasterboard with a drywall T square

Step 1 – Measure

Measure out where you need to cut your plasterboard, using your square.

You can cut the plasterboard flat, or with the sheet standing up, however the drywall T square makes cutting with the sheet standing up easier.

cutting drywall with the sheet standing up

Step 2 – Place drywall square

The drywall square will sit on top of the plasterboard, allowing you to cut straight down the front side of the sheet against the square, giving a completely straight edge.

cutting drywall; drywall t square resting against drywall sheet with foot pressed against square

Step 3 – Cut board

Cut down the board towards the floor, stopping about two thirds of the way. Finish the cut upwards from the ground.

Cut through the paper and into the inner core, about a third of the way through the board. The board should then snap easily into two.

Cutting drywall; scoring down back sheet of drywall paper with a knife

Step 4 – Finish cut

Finish the cut by scoring the back paper along the fold with your knife so the board is completely cut.

hanging first sheet of drywall; nailed into wall framework A drywall T square can also be useful when hanging plasterboard. It can be used to help line up where your studs are when screwing the plasterboard into place.

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