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What are the parts of a drywall T Square?

What are the parts of
a drywall T square?

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Fixed drywall T square

parts of a drywall t square; fixed rulers, top ruler with inch measurement, length ruler with inch and cm A drywall T square has two rulers attached by rivets in a fixed position.

The top ruler, which runs along the top of the board but is fixed underneath the longer ruler, is shorter and usually only has an inch measurement, however, some are available in metric measurements.

Drywall T square and standard plasterboard sheet The longer or length ruler has both inch and centimetre measurements and is 122 cm (48 inches) long, to accommodate the width of a standard plasterboard sheet.

Adjustable drywall T square

Labelled drywall t square; Top blade with two sided measurements, 0-4inch and 0-15 inch, adjustable screw and length blade with both imperial and metric measurements (0-48inch & 0-122cm) An adjustable drywall T square is composed of two rulers with the length ruler usually being 1220mm long (48 inches) to suit the width of a sheet of plasterboard.

The longer ruler usually has two sets of measurements both imperial and metric, although the units of measurement can vary by model.

  The top ruler measures from the one edge of the longer rule, normally 0-100mm (0-4 inches) one side and 0-380mm (0-15 inches) the longer side. Again, however, the length of the top ruler can vary depending on model.

On an adjustable drywall T square, the shorter, top ruler, usually has fixed angular markings to which it can be set to by adjusting the centre screw.

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