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What are the different types of angle clamp?

What are the different types of angle clamp?

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Different types of angle clamp available Although all angle clamps are used for similar projects, there are different designs.

Single screw angle clamp

Single screw angle clamp This clamp is designed with a single screw which controls the movement of the jaws. All parts which make up the two jaws can pivot, in order to allow the clamp to grip workpieces of varying thickness, whilst creating perfectly straight joints.
An angle clamp can be used to hold all types of materials This type of clamp is available in light-duty and heavy-duty models, and can be used to hold workpieces of all materials, including wood, metal and plastic.

Double screw angle clamp

Double screw angle clamp A double screw angle clamp is often referred to as a corner clamp. The device has two screws, which control each of the jaws separately. This means when a user needs to clamp two workpieces of different thicknesses, they simply have to adjust one jaw at a time to fit each piece, until both are secure.
This type of angle clamp is ideal for picture framing The square edge of the clamp will ensure that joints are always at a perfect 90-degree angle, meaning no messy mistakes can be made.

These clamps are often used in pairs when making objects, such as a picture frame, in order to make sure opposite corners are assembled straight.

Some clamps have a quick-release mechanism Some models are available with a quick-release mechanism, for fast set-up during clamping. The tool has two buttons, one on either jaw, which can be pressed to rapidly move the adjustable jaw for faster assembly of the workpieces.

Welding angle clamp

Welding angle clamp A welding angle clamp is a heavy-duty model, which is specially designed for welding corners. This clamp has a particularly strong and sturdy design, as welding involves joining two parts together through fusion, an act which puts a lot of pressure on to the clamp.
A welding angle clamp can be used on a drill press machine This type of angle clamp can usually be bolted to a drill press machine, to hold material securely during drilling operations.

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