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What are the parts of a seaming clamp?

What are the parts of a seaming clamp?

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     Parts of a seaming clamp
Parts of a seaming clamp A seaming clamp’s main parts consist of two vacuum pads, a number of levers, a screw and a handle.

Vacuum pads

A seaming clamp has two vacuum pads A seaming clamp has two large vacuum pads. These are the parts which are in charge of gripping on to the flooring through the use of suction.
Seaming clamp The vacuum pads can be adjusted, in order to accommodate workpieces of different heights.


Levers A seaming clamp has a number of levers, which control the vacuum pads. Two of the lever are attached to the centre of the pads, and when they are closed the pads engage with the surface of the workpiece, gripping it through suction. The two levers connected to the long metals bars adjust the height of the vacuum pads.


Threaded screw The screw connects the two vacuum pads and, when rotated, brings the pads closer together to close the gap between the two pieces of flooring.


Handle The handle is the part which the user twists in order to rotate the screw. When the handle is rotated to the right is closes the gap between the pads. In contrast, when it is rotated to the left, it opens the gap between the pads.

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