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What is a rack clamp?

What is a rack clamp?

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A rack clamp is used for heavy-duty metalworking A rack clamp is specifically designed for metalworking. It is a strong and durable type of clamp, capable of withstanding the pressures of both DIY and industrial use.
A rack clamp is ideal for metalwork, such as welding It can be used for all types of metalworking, including metal fabrication, welding, machining, moulding, pattern making and die holding.
Rack clamps of different capabilities are available There are different models available which are designed with various capabilities, ranging from standard-duty up to heavy-duty.

There are also long-reach versions which have a greater length for clamping workpieces which are extremely long or wide.

A rack clamp can also be used for holding plastic It is a multi-purpose type of clamp and can be used to clamp metals and other materials, such as plastic and fibreglass.
All rack clamps have two jaws A rack clamp has two jaws which work together to hold a workpiece still.

On some models, the frame extends into a J shape which makes up the fixed jaw. This is a standard rack clamp.

A bar rack clamp has two moveable jaws However, on other models, two moveable jaws can be placed on a serrated bar and adjusted into different positions. This type can be referred to as a bar rack clamp.
Parts can be purchased separately Parts of various shapes and sizes can be purchased separately then mixed and matched in order to create the ideal clamp for the workpiece in hand. This is both a versatile and cost-friendly way of using rack clamps for a variety of different objects and purposes.

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