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What is a clamp?

What is a clamp?

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A clamp is a securing device to hold a workpiece in place A clamp is a fastening device used to secure, support, grip or compress one or more objects.
 Donkee says 'A clamp can also be called a cramp!'
A clamp can be used to hold an item for working on It is a tool designed to prevent any movement or separation between two objects, in order for work applications to be completed.

Many applications will lead to pressure being placed on an object, causing movement, so a clamp is often needed to keep a workpiece firmly in place.

A clamp can be used for many DIY projects It is a tool commonly used for DIY purposes, including carpentry and metalworking.
There are various types of clamp available There are different types of clamps available, designed for various purposes. While the majority of clamps are designed to be temporary, permanent models are also available.
Temporary clamps are quick and easy to use When it comes to DIY tasks, temporary clamps are most often used, as they are quick and easy when needing to briefly secure an object for working on, or while glue sets after pieces have been joined together.

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