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What edging clamp sizes are available?

What edging clamp sizes are available?

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An edging clamp is available in various sizes Edging clamps are available in various sizes and it is important to make sure your model is large enough before beginning the work application.
Size of an edging clamp Each size of edging clamp will have different capabilities, depending on the width of its jaw opening and the depth of its throat.

Jaw opening

The jaw opening is the distance between the two jaws The jaw opening of an edging clamp refers to the distance between the two side jaws, when fully opening.
Width of the jaw opening The smallest edge clamp jaw opening is 50mm (2″ approx.).

The largest is 80mm (3″ approx.).

Throat depth

Depth of an edging clamp's throat The throat depth is measured by the distance from the top edge of the side jaws, down to the centre jaw.
Edging clamp throat depth The smallest throat depth is 45mm (2″ approx.) and the largest, 110mm (4.5″ approx.).

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