How to reverse the jaws on a trigger clamp

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  How to reverse the jaws on a trigger clamp  

On many models of trigger clamp, the jaws can be reversed to allow the tool to be used as a spreader. 


To reverse the jaws, simply follow the steps below.

  Trigger clamp with a screw to release the fixed jaw  

Step 1 – Release fixed jaw

To turn the clamp into a spreader, it is the fixed jaw which is removed and reversed. The jaw will be attached to the bar either by a screw or a button. 

  To release the jaw the screw will need to be undone   To release the jaw, simply undo the screw or press the button, until it becomes loose.    
  The jaw is able to be removed from the bar  

Step 2 – Remove fixed jaw 

Once it has been released, the fixed jaw can be removed from the bar by sliding it off.

  The jaw can be replaced on the bar facing the opposite direction  

Step 3 – Replace jaw

Next, turn the jaw in the reverse direction and replace it on to the bar, at the opposite end.  

  The clamp can then be used as a spreader  

Step 4 – Attach jaw

Reattach the jaw to the bar by either sliding it into place until the button clicks, or fastening it on by tightening the screw.  


The jaws are now reversed and the device can be used to spread your workpiece.