What hand screw clamp sizes are available?

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  There are 12 different sizes of hand screw clamp  

A hand screw clamp is available in 12 different sizes.  


With any clamp, the most important size dimensions to consider are the width of its jaw opening and the depth of its throat. In terms of hand screw clamps, a user can also consider the length of its jaw, when determining whether it is large enough to clamp a particular workpiece.


Jaw length

  The jaw length is measured from one side of the jaw to the other   The jaw length is the total distance along the jaw edge. However, the usable jaw length is measured by the distance along the jaw edge from one end to the position of the inner screw.    
  Length of the jaws is measured from one side to another  

The shortest jaw length is 100mm (4″ approx.) and the longest, 610mm (24″ approx.). 


Jaw opening 

  The jaw opening is how wide the jaws can open  

The jaw opening indicates how far the mouth of the jaws can open.  

  Jaw opening of a hand screw clamp  

The smallest jaw opening is 50mm (2″ approx.) and the largest, 430mm (17″approx.).


Throat depth 

  The throat depth is the distance from the spindle to the jaw edge   The throat depth is how deep the jaws of the handscrew clamp are, and is measured by the distance from the edge of the jaw to the spindle.   
  Hand screw clamp throat depth  

The smallest throat depth is 50mm (2″ approx.) and the largest, 300mm (12″ approx.).