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What F-clamp sizes are available?

What F-clamp sizes are available?

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Different sizes of F-clamps are available F-clamps are available in many different sizes. Always use an F-clamp which is large enough to support the workpiece, otherwise there will be a risk of damaging the screw.
Sizes of F-clamps Similarly to the majority of clamps, an F-clamp’s size and clamping capacity is determined by its jaw opening and throat depth.

Jaw opening

An F-clamp can have a very wide jaw opening The jaw opening of a clamp is how far the mouth of the jaws can open.

The jaw opening capacity of an F-clamp depends on the length of the bar.

F-clamp jaw opening sizes The smallest jaw opening available is 80mm (3″ approx.).

The largest jaw opening available is 1500mm (59″ approx.).

Throat depth

The throat depth of an F-clamp is important The throat depth is how deep the jaws of a clamp are, and is measured from the top edge of the jaws to the bar.
Clamp throat depth The smallest throat depth available is 50mm (2″ approx.).

The largest throat depth available is 175mm (7″ approx.).

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