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What are the parts of a strap clamp?

What are the parts of a strap clamp?

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     Parts of a strap clamp
Strap clamp parts A strap clamp’s main parts consist of a strap, a lever, two jaw clips, and a clamping plate.


Strap holds the flooring level The strap is made from high-strength polyester and is designed to hold the surface of the flooring level during clamping.

The strap in unwrapped until it is the correct length to fit the workpiece, and is held in place using a lever.


Lever holds the strap tight The lever is connected to the strap and controls its movement. When the lever is pushed up the strap can be loosened, but when the lever is pushed down it holds the strap tight so that it cannot move.

Jaw clips

Jaw clips holds the flooring edges A strap clamp has two jaws clips, which clip on to either side of the laid flooring.When the strap is pulled tight, the pressure means the clips keep a firm grip on the flooring, keeping all parts firmly held together.

Clamping plate

Clamping plate pushes against a wall The purpose of the clamping plate is to push against a near-by wall during the clamping process. This will provide additional pressure on the jaw clip it is attached to, ensuring no parts will come loose.

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