What are flooring clamps?

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 What are flooring clamps? Flooring clamps are specially designed to be used for laying down flooring. The clamp will hold the flooring in place, in order for it to be secured into position.  
 Different types of flooring clamps available There are different types of flooring clamps available, which are designed for holding different types of flooring.  
 Heavy-duty flooring clamp 

Heavy-duty flooring clamp

A heavy-duty flooring clamp is designed for holding wooden floorboards in place, in order for them to be nailed together. 

 A heavy-duty flooring clamp is used for heavy wooden floorboards 

This type of clamp can exert a massive amount of pressure on the floorboards, making sure they are held in perfect alignment.


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 Strap clamp 

Strap clamp 

A strap clamp holds flooring securely using a high-strength, flexible strap. 

 A strap flooring clamp is used for lighter-duty flooring 

This type of flooring clamp is commonly used on parquet, laminated and panel flooring, rather than heavy wooden floorboards. 


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 Seaming clamp 

Seaming clamp 

A seaming clamp differs slightly as, along with flooring, it can also be used for holding other materials for creating flat surfaces. These materials include granite, ceramic and glass boards. 

 A seaming clamp can be used on smooth surfaces 

It is designed for holding any two pieces together, in order to create a smooth and even seam between the two.  


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