What bar clamp sizes are available?

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 Bar clamps are available in different lengths Bar clamps are available in many different sizes. Bar clamps have the largest opening capacity of all the clamp types, with lengths ranging over 2 metres.  

Jaw opening

 Bar clamp jaw opening 

The jaw opening will depend on the length of the bar, and is available in the following sizes:


600mm (24" approx.)        

900mm (35" approx.)

1200mm (47" approx.)      

 Jaw opening of a bar clamp 

1350mm (53" approx.)

1520mm (60" approx.)        

1800mm (71" approx.)

2100mm (83" approx.)


Lengthening bar

 A lengthening bar can be connected to a bar clamp 

Some bar clamps can also be connected to a lengthening bar, that will give additional length for maximum clamping capacity. 

 Lengthening bar 

A lengthening bar is available in the following sizes:


900mm (35" approx.)

1200mm (47" approx.) 

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