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How to use a band clamp?

How to use a band clamp

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How to use a band clamp Using a band clamp is usually easy and efficient, even when clamping an awkward or irregularly shaped workpiece.
Pull the strap to extend the length

Step 1 – Extend strap

Extend the strap by gently pulling it wider, until it is large enough to fit around the workpiece. To extend the strap you will need to make sure that the pressure levers are open.

Place the strap around the workpiece

Step 2 – Position strap

Next, place the strap around the workpiece. Use the grips if your workpiece has corners, as they will help to hold the workpiece securely.

Use the handle to tighten the strap

Step 3 – Tighten strap

Use the handle, by twisting it to the right, to tighten the strap until it has a secure grip on the workpiece and there is no risk of it coming loose. The handle pulls the strap from both sides, meaning equal pressure is exerted all around the workpiece. Also, make sure the pressure levers are closed on the strap, to keep it from coming loose.

The workpiece is now secure Your workpiece is now secure within the band clamp’s strap, so the desired application can be completed.

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