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What is an edging clamp?

What is an edging clamp?

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An edging clamp is used to fix edges An edging clamp is designed as a solution for specialist and difficult tasks, which require edge banding to be applied to the side of a surface.
Using an edging clamp on a work bench Edging is often fixed to the side of work surfaces, such as bench tops and tables, in order to make it both more durable and attractive.

However, projects involving edge banding can be frustrating and awkward to complete, which is why this type of clamp is ideal for these particular applications.

The additional jaw allows the clamp to put pressure wherever is needed The additional plate provided by an edging clamp allows the user to put pressure exactly where it’s needed on the edging to keep it in place, even on circular or irregularly shaped edge strips.
Some models are simpler in design than others Some models can be simpler in design than others, as some have one handle which controls all the jaws, whereas other models require all jaws to be tightened separately.
A typical edging clamp has three jaws This type of clamp has three screws; two of them hold on to the work surface while the third holds the edging in place.
These types of edging clamps are known as companions However, not all edging clamps work this way. Some are designed to be used in conjunction with other types of clamp, such as an F-clamp, by providing them with additional jaws which hold on to the edging.
Slide the bar of the F clamp into the slot This type of edging clamp can sometimes be referred to as a clamp companion, and is available with either one or two jaws.

When in use, the bar of the F-clamp is placed in the designated slot of the edging clamp.

The screw fastener will need tightening to hold the bar in the slot Models with one jaw will have a screw fastener on the side, which is tightened to keep the clamp in place.

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